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Sunday, August 05, 2012    

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I describe all this that has transpired on my first Olympic journey as something amazing.

Looking back at all the hard work, the struggles and the sacrifices, it was all worth it.

I feel extremely blessed and proud to be where I'm at in my life right now, here at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

This has been by far the most amazing experience in my life. I had dreams and visions about what this would be like when I get here. But it's just timeless!

From being in the team Jamaica camp in Birmingham, relaxing, vibing and training, eating good food, communicating with my teammates, shot putter Dorian Scott, decathlete Maurice Smith, 400m hurdler Leford Green, sprint hurdlers Hansle Parchment and Richard Philips, as well as Usain Bolt, everybody!

Going to different team events and meeting new people is really great.

Each day God blesses me with life, I come across something wonderful here.

While I was travelling to the Athletes' Village, the moment of achieving hit me. As I look outside the window, I had memories of days when I was tired and hurting. Days when I get off work and don't feel like going to training, but yet still push it and go on.

Days when I'm out on the field and in the discus circle all by myself. No coach to watch me and correct me.

Days when it's raining and days when there was sunshine. As I ride the bus into the Athletes' Village, tears roll down my cheeks, uncontrolled.

I tried to stop it, but my tears flowed, telling me to express my joy and blessings of making it this far.

I am so happy that I was determined to stick it out through the hard and lonely times over the years.

Words can't describe this feeling. I can only say thank you God for guiding me on this journey.

The discus that I throw helped me to get here. Breaking down barriers for young Jamaican throwers and helping pave the way for our throws and field events.

It's a good feel and I love it. I'm sure a lot of people love it also.

Thankful to who gave me any type of positive support.

As I get ready to compete I am in this realm of deep meditation of doing great things. Not for me alone, but for my country and people who have a dream who want it to become reality.

This all starts by just believing! I use the expression "Timeless" because it's only God who controls the right time and right place for things to fall in place like the perfect puzzle put together.

Making all complete so we can say yes, I take my time, it's all put together to show the world. I'm just thankful and humble by this. I will continue to work hard and pray harder. I will also continue to give this my best!



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