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Bolt fans receive Our Spirit VIP access to JN

Saturday, June 10, 2017

As the megastar of track and field Usain Bolt prepares for his final race on Jamaican soil, three women are anticipating with bated breath their first opportunity to meet and witness the Olympic champion running live after winning Our Spirit VIP access to today's JN Racer's Grand Prix from Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum.

The recipients were able to mingle with all the athletes in Jamaica for the races last night at the Welcome Reception and watch the races live from the Grandstand at the National Stadium today.

Cynthia Champagnie, Michelle Thompson and Natoya McFarlane, who are all self-professed Bolt fans, were all excited when they learnt that they would be attending the world-class spectacle today.

“I am too excited because I can barely wait for Saturday. It's truly an exciting feeling to know I will be able to see the legendary Bolt run live for the first time,” an anxious Champagnie explained.

The avid track and field fans all have varying first memories of the triple world record holder but all profess to knowing early in his career that Bolt would become legendary.

“I will never forget watching him run at World Junior Champs in Jamaica. The name alone, 'Usain Bolt' made you know he was going to become a superstar, he lit Jamaica on fire!” recalled Natoya McFarlane.

While Thompson's earliest memory of Bolt was at the 2004 Olympics, his best race for her is not his world record runs but his triumph over arch rival Justin Gatlin in the 100m and 200m at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.

“Gatlin was running all these fast times, behaving like he could beat the 'boss', and Bolt showed who was the boss by whipping him twice — that is my favourite Bolt memory because he showed champions never give up,” she declared.

The three women, each with a guest, were given a chance to attend the Athlete's Reception for the track event last night, and to view live the biggest track and field moment on Jamaica's soil for 2017.

For marketing manager of J Wray & Nephew Limited, Pietro Gramegna, gifting these track and field devotees with the chance to witness Bolt run live for the first time was an opportunity his company could not give up: “In true Jamaican spirit, we support and celebrate our athletes whether they are performing locally or internationally, and we are pleased to grant the opportunity for three Jamaicans, who have never been lucky enough to see the legendary Usain Bolt run live, to witness his last performance in Jamaica.”