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Eyes down!

First Bingo night at Caymanas Park, $250,000 for big game, $5,000 plus for regular games

Friday, February 09, 2018

Bingo lovers are in for a treat when Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL) opens the starting gates tomorrow (Friday, February 9) for the first staging of 'Bingo at Caymanas Park'.

SVREL, the sole promoter of horse racing in the island, will host bingo games on the grounds of Caymanas Park every Friday night starting February 9 as part of plans to diversify the slate of events held at the historic racetrack.

'Friday Nite Bingo at Caymanas Park' starts with a main prize of $250,000 along with thousands of dollars in spot cash prizes to be won throughout the night. There will be 10 games with prizes starting at $5,000 for Game #1, increasing by $1,000 until the big one, Game #10, where gamers will vie for $250,000. If there is more than one winner, the winning amount will be shared.

The winning patterns and tickets will change for each colour-coded game. The bingo game patterns include blue single-line, orange double-line, green T-Bingo, yellow L-Bingo, pink four-corner bingo, grey H-bingo, lime green X-bingo, red outside bingo, purple W-bingo and brown full house bingo.

Players will have more chances to win even more cash with two Bonanza Bingo games in between the regular game cards. Bonanza books will be on sale for an additional $100.

Popular Bingo caller Winston Cassanova will captain the first staging tomorrow.

Friday Nite Bingo will start at 9:00 pm with gates opening at 7:00 pm; admission is $1,000, and includes a booklet. Additional booklets will be available for sale at $100 each.

Valid national identification – driver's licence, passport or Voter's ID – is required to collect spot prizes, while the winner of the $250,000 grand prize will have up to 90 days to collect it at the Supreme Ventures Limited Corporate Office in New Kingston.