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Friday, October 06, 2017

Whether you're an avid Cash Pot player or just dabble in the Super Lotto from time to time, Jamaicans across the gaming spectrum love the ladies of the Supreme Ventures draw team. You see them on screen; now see them behind the scenes. Meet Amanda.


Amanda Hudson is one of the first draw officers at Supreme Ventures Limited and has been with the company since it began operations in 2001. Amanda is currently the senior draw officer.


How did you become a draw officer for Supreme Ventures?

It wasn't a plan, it just happened. I was actually in between a part-time job and finishing up a programme at school when a friend of my family said there is a new lottery company coming soon, and they are interviewing and doing auditions, so I should go and try and that's exactly what happened. I went, I auditioned, and all of a sudden, I was working with Supreme Ventures full-time.


What was the audition like?

I was nervous. I was nervous for the first year of doing the draw, but it went well.


What do you like most about your job?

Well, this is going to sound really cliché but we really have a great draw team. I think we have the best little family within the larger Supreme Ventures family. The people that I work with definitely make it worth it every day. They're great.


What do you do for a single draw? Take us through the steps.

We have to come in a few hours before the live draw. A lot of people think that what they see on TV, that's it; but we come in a few hours before, we have to check the machines, we have to check the ball cases, everything we do is selected randomly for each draw and there's a lot of paperwork. We work closely with the BGLC [Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission] and the auditors. For every game we have, for every machine, we have to test everything five times. We have to do our run through and do our rehearsals to make sure everything is smooth. So there are a lot of little things that need to be done before the live draw.


Are you known on the road?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes people stop me, or if I'm in a store or in a business place somebody would say “Hi, Amanda”, and I would say “I don't know you, how you know me” and then we would get to chatting…it's exciting, it's fun.


What's your favourite pastime?

I actually do a lot of painting. I paint with acrylic paint on canvas and I still do a little reflexology, acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Not as much now because I don't have that much free time.