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Njeri McKenzie – Mona High

Freshhh Baller with Brains

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

When did you start playing football?

I recently started playing football; I think it was in 2012.

What team did you play against in your first Manning Cup match?

I played my first Manning Cup game against Charlie Smith High.

Who is your international football idol?

My international football idol is Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid. I think he is a true master of the game.

How do you rate your school's chances in this year's competition?

On a scale of 100 per cent, I think we have a very 85 per cent chance of winning the competition this year. We may be a young team and inexperienced when compared to the powerhouse contenders like Jamaica College and the others, but we play with heart and spirit. The ball is round so anything can happen on any game day. once we continue to execute the coaches instructions we will always be in with a shot.

Which school do you fear most and why?

I wouldn't say we fear them but, like I said, Jamaica College has been reigning for the last four years so we are mindful of them. We already lost to them once, but we believe we can turn the tables on the return leg.

How important is it for a student athlete to have a solid education?

It is very important for a student athlete to have a solid education because with a solid education you have options in terms of choosing a career path, especially if you have no intentions of pursuing a professional career in whatever sport you are currently participating in. Plus with sports anything can happen as it relates to injury.

What are your educational achievements to date?

My educational achievements so far are mathematics, english, physical education, principles of business, office administration, EDPM, social studies, management of business, entrepreneurship, economics and communication studies.

What is your ultimate life ambition?

My ultimate life ambition is to become a professional football player or a Teacher

Who has had the biggest impact on your life?

My family members have always been my biggest support system. They have always been there for me throughout and have always encouraged me in my endeavours.