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'Bomber' Jones wants Jamaica to become boxing hub

Friday, November 08, 2019

JAMAICA Boxing Board President Stephen “Bomber” Jones says the upcoming fight card at Sabina Park is part of a bigger move to position the country as a hub for boxing events, potentially rivalling world-famous locations.

The local boxing board, in partnership with Creative Sports and Uprising Promotions, has earmarked Saturday, November 16, to stage the fight card which is to include two title bouts. Organisers say a total of seven fights will be staged, with action set to begin 6:00 pm.

In a lightweight bout, Carlos Dixon, based in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States, is to battle Edinson Torres of Venezuela for the World Boxing Council [WBC] youth silver title.

In the other title fight, Yurik Mamedov, who is listed as French/Russian, opposes Venezuelan Eduardo Cardovez in World Boxing Association [WBA] Fedecaribe welterweight action.

Another eye-catching contest will involve Russian Vladimir Tereskin, who previously fought in Jamaica on the Trench Town fight card in the summer, and Francisco Silvens of the Dominican Republic.

Lisa Frazer, one of Jamaica's promising female boxers, is also down for an amateur fight.

The event will also feature junior and amateur boxers, some from inner-city communities aligned to the Gloves Overs Guns and Fight For Peace programmes.

“We want Jamaica to become a hub for international boxing just like Las Vegas (United States), Macau (China), and New York (United States),” Jones said after yesterday's launch of the fight card at Sabina Park.

“I've been speaking with Creative Sports and other promoters with the mandate that the WBA had spoken to me about from 2012. We could have waited to start next year, but we had to capitalise now.

“We're very excited, and we're even more excited about what's to come. I don't think there is any other avenue that will do for sports tourism in our country like what boxing can do. Having Jamaica as a hub and to complement places like Las Vegas is huge, and this is the start of what's to come,” the local boxing president explained.

Jones noted that hosting “big” fight cards in Jamaica also sets the stage upon which local boxers can launch their professional careers.

Boxing promoter John Isaacs, who is the director of Creative Sports, said pairing the event with the storied Sabina Park cricket venue adds to the allure.

“Sabina Park has turned itself into a very good venue for a lot of different things. Being at Sabina Park is an event onto itself; we have hosted some of the greatest cricket matches here. We just thought international boxing would be a great addition.

“We hope the boxing fans turn out because it will be a fantastic night. We know that Jamaica is a boxing country, so we're looking for a turnout from the boxing community. Everybody who went to Trench Town enjoyed themselves and we want this to be a step up from that,” he said.

Allie McNab, who gave endorsement in the absence of Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange, expects the fight card to have a social impact on Jamaican lives.

“The ministry supports any initiative that is good for sports and community development. We are endorsing the event, not just by words but by monetary contribution. I'm pleased to announce that through the Sports Development Foundation the ministry has allocated a sum which we believe clearly demonstrates the Government's appreciation,” he said, though not disclosing the amount of money involved in the partnership.

Organisers say the boxing ring will be set up to the northern section of the Sabina Park field. The North Stand will provide seats for general admission while VIP areas will surround the ring.

The promoters say they have made arrangements for live streaming to local and international markets.

— Sanjay Myers