Move in motion to professionalise local Premier League

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


The governing Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has named a committee of industry players and other respected individuals with various degrees of expertise to look at building out the platform of the local Premier League.

The body, named the Premier League of Jamaica Interim Committee (PLJIC), is tasked with “reviewing the existing commercial, operational and governance structures, policies and of the nation's topflight and to recommend proposals for the improvement of those structures, policies and arrangement”s.

Also, the PLJIC is charged with “preparing a three-year business plan covering the 2020/21 through 2022/23 seasons” with a view to generating significantly greater financial inflows to support the sustainable viability of the league and improving all aspects of it.

A release from the JFF says key to the business plan are the following pillars: A governance structure that meets the Concacaf Club Licensing requirements and meets best practices in accountability, transparency and separation of powers; a comprehensive commercial and broadcast plan for the Premier League; a technical development plan that provides talent matriculation; a policy for foreign talent that increases the profile and image of the league; a budget structure that regulates salaries for players and coaches [salary cap system]; a competition format that optimises the technical development of the players and increases fan support by 200 per cent on current attendance across all participating clubs' match venues by 2022-2023 season.

“In constituting the committee, the JFF sought and obtained the concurrence of the PLCA [Premier League Clubs Association] that representation would be from three categories: Independents (which would include the Chairman), the PLCA and the JFF,” the widely circulated federation release said.

The Committee commenced formal sessions in February of this year, under the independent chairmanship of Christopher Samuda, President of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA). In attendance were other independent representatives Dave Cameron and Denzil Wilks; PLCA representative Carvel Stewart; Mark Golding and Rudolph Speid and JFF representatives Bruce Gaynor, Wayne Thompson and Orville Powell.

“The JFF provides administrative support to the committee which is committed to institutionalising good governance, stakeholder value and the business of sport,” the release added.