Agitated Price paces technical area, shouts instructions for results

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The bellows of Coach Andrew Price, on most occasions, can be heard above the decibels of the crowd at the stadium that his team is playing.

As he paces the coach's area in front of the bench, Price is like a child in a tizzy, shouting instructions to the players, while twisting and swaying to indicate his desired need.

Price's customary antics were again on display on Sunday, when his Humble Lion charges tackled Cavalier Football Club at Stadium East, with the coach frantically talking to the players, while swinging his hands in frustration at some of the seemingly unfavourable calls of referee Oshane Nation in the 1-1 draw.

According to Price, the agitation is just a way of him getting his message through to his players and maximising their potential on the day.

“That's the way how my players know that they have to continue going. I have to be on top of them for 90 minutes and one of the things is, if they don't see me animated they don't play the way that they are supposed to play.

“Once they see me animated they lift their game, so that is my whole aura, my charisma, and the way I communicate with them. Of course they hear me, they can stay from all downtown and hear me. When I am shouting everybody hears me and sometimes, I urge them on,” he said.

Price only took charge of Humble Lion this year, but also created similar sideline excitement while being at the helm of Boys' Town for more than a decade. He also donned the colours of Boys' Town as a player.

But why stand for the entire match?

“They [players] have to understand that I am out here,” he said. “If I go and sit down on the bench, they think I am relaxed and I am okay with what is going on out there. So I have to be up and agitated at all times, to let them know that they have to keep on their toes.”

So far, it seems as if Price's methods are working, as Humble Lion are unbeaten after three matches, with one win and two draws.

Humble Lion join leaders Waterhouse and second-placed Molynes United as the only unbeaten teams in the league. They are on five points and fourth in the points standing, with Harbour View a place and one point above them.

Their next match will be at home against defending champions Portmore United at Effortville Community Centre on Sunday at 3:30 pm.

— Job Nelson