Bob Marley One Love Football Festival launched

Thursday, February 08, 2018

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The 37th staging of the Bob Marley One Love Football festival hosted by the Masters and Celebrities in association with Digicel could hold a special treat for patrons next Wednesday at the Harbour View Stadium.

According to organiser Clive “Busy” Campbell, efforts are being made to have former Brazilian international and Barcelona star Ronaldinho grace this year's event with his presence.

Speaking at yesterday's launch of the event, Campbell said he made contact with an individual at the Brazilian Embassy in Kingston recently.

“She said I believe he (Ronaldinho) might come, but just keep your fingers crossed, and I have to call her back Friday because I am trying my best to get Ronaldinho to come down.

“I know if he comes a lot of people will come out and support and I am just hoping and praying that it will happen. And if he doesn't come this year I am going to make sure next year I use the Marley connection to see if we can get him to come,” Campbell shared while addressing those in attendance at the launch at Alhambra Inn, Kingston.

That aside, Campbell also used the platform to make an impassioned plea for an end to violence and corruption. He is once again using the Bob Marley One Love football matches as a weapon to target unity and positivity.

The event is scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm on Ash Wednesday and will again see proceeds going to two or three basic schools to be announced at a later date.

“I attended the celebration of Bob's earthday yesterday (Tuesday) at the museum and as I listened to the lyrics of his music I said to myself if Bob was still alive today I am positive that he would be hurting. Because most of our most wanted in Jamaica are young men, some barely out of their teen years with a rap sheet that would make us cringe or perhaps cry,” an emotional Campbell reasoned.

He continued: “I do not have a solution for fighting crime, but I know that as a people if we do not come to grips with this scourge we are in trouble. I can imagine that the social workers in the various institutions are weary and pretty soon they too will run out of words to console the orphans, the mothers and the wives.

“I have always maintained that to whom much is given, much is expected, therefore it is our responsibility to try to save even one soul. There is a light at the end of the tunnel as Dr [Elizabeth] Ward will attest there are success stories we just have to work at .”

The teams to entertain patrons this year are the Entertainers Invitational, Masters and Celebrities, Referees and Christian Ambassadors.

Former Reggae Boyz, striker Walter Boyd and defender Ian “Pepe” Goodison have already been confirmed along with entertainers Chris Martin, Iba Mahr, Wayne Marshall and athlete Jermaine Gonzales.

Campbell also pointed out that coaches from the premier league teams, as well as former referees Peter Prendergast and Victor Stewart have also expressed an interest in being a part of the day's proceedings.

This year's staging will honour musicians Lincoln “Half Pint” Roberts, Barrington Levy and Tony Tuff.

Patrons will be charged an admission fee of $500 for adults, $100 for children, with those under 12 years old gaining free entrance.