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Costa Rica midfielder says it was good experience playing in Jamaica

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Even though it was just a two-match international friendly, Carmen Marin, Costa Rica's playmaker, said that it was a wonderful experience playing in Jamaica for the very first time.

“It was my very first time playing here in Jamaica and I can tell you, it is really a beautiful country and I really enjoyed my short stay here. Since I am here, the Jamaicans, they've been treating us [Costa Ricans] very well actually.

“If given another chance, I definitely would come back here for sure without a doubt. I would love to see more of the city and the beaches as well, considering we only came here to compete,” the 16-year-old Marin told the Jamaica Observer.

The Costa Ricans won the first game 3-0 at the University of the West Indies/Jamaica Football Federation Captain Horace Burrell Centre of Excellence on Friday before closing out the series with a 3-1 victory on Sunday at Winchester Park, St George's College.

Marin, who plays attacking midfield, got on the score sheet in the first game with a beautiful strike from 30 yards out that flew over the head of Chelisa Schloss in the Jamaica goal.

“The experience was very good. It [the game] was also good for us as we prepare for the tournament we have in like three weeks' time. The girls are really fast in Jamaica and they are very physical as well and so it prepares us for Central American, which is also good.

“Jamaica is always known as our rivals from the Caribbean. They are fast, very physical and they always make us watch our tactics, which really will help us prepare for our games.

“They [Jamaicans] are definitely one of the strongest team in the Caribbean and so it's always good to complete with them as it really helps us to get better. We obviously have to improve certain things on our tactics and we have to improve our want to win as well,” said Marin.

Marin, who plays for the Parmar Futuro Soccer Academy in the semi-professional league in Canada, said that she wants to reach the top of her game.

“I started playing football from I was like four years old. My dad actually got me into the game. He was the one that always make me play soccer and eventually I got to love the game because that was all I did.

“I would love to go professional. It is definitely my dream for sure to play in Europe and to play in South America as well. Right now I am enjoying the game,” Marin said.

—Ruddy Allen