Edwin Allen, Hydel show strength at STETHS Invitational

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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

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SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — National high school girls' track and field champions Edwin Allen High and Hydel High, who are expected to be among the teams chasing them for the title come March, put on a show of force at the 35th staging of the Wisynco/STETHS Invitational at the St Elizabeth Technical Sports Complex in Santa Cruz recently.

The powerhouses combined to win approximately 25 of the female events, sweeping the top three places in six of them while the other schools shared the other five events.

Edwin Allen flexed their considerable muscles in the sprints sweeping at least the top three places in the 100m competitions in classes one, three and four, as well as the Class Three 200m, while Hydel High swept the Class Two 100m and the triple jump.

The 4x400m and 4x800m relays that offered $25,000 to each winner, were won by four schools. Edwin Allen girls won the 4x400m in 3 minutes 49.19 seconds and Petersfield High took the boys' event in 3 minutes 17.41 seconds, while in the 4x800m STETHS won the boys' race in 7 minutes 55.41 seconds and Hydel won the girls' race in 11 minutes 37.88 seconds.

Edwin Allen High Carifta Games record holder Fiona Richards was the meet's only triple winner as she won the Class One discus throw, shot put and javelin gold medals, while there were two double winners — Cornwall College's Owayne Owens in the Class One boys' long jump and triple jump Open, and Hydel's Carla Lawson, who won the Class One long jump and triple jump Open.

Richards, who represented the island at the 2016 IAAF World Under-20 championships, threw 13.52m to win the shot put and retained the discus throw with 51.02m before taking the javelin with 34.87m.

Owens, who was fifth in the triple jump at the IAAF World Under-18 championships last year, won the event with 15.05m after taking the Class One long jump with a personal best 7.12m, surpassing the 6.90m he achieved at the Calabar meet a week earlier.

Lawson, who started at Hydel High before transferring to Spot Valley High, is back at Hydel and won the triple jump with 11.90m and the long jump with 5.80m.

World Under-18 Championships 100m bronze medallist Kevona Davis, who was competing for the first time this season, after an injury in Nairobi, Kenya, won the Class Two 200m in 24.71 seconds, the best on the day for any female runner.

STETHS' World Under-20 representative Stacey-Ann Williams won the Class One event in 25.03 seconds, Edwin Allen's Salieci Myles won the Class Three event in 25.12 seconds, while Mt Alvernia High's Carleta Bernard won in Class Four in 26.06 seconds.

Petersfield High runners Kevon Stone and Antonio Watson won the Class One and Two boys' 200m events, respectively. Stone ran 22.18 seconds for his victory, while Watson, the IAAF World Under-18 400m champion, won Class Two with 22.23 seconds.

STETHS' Adrian Nethersole won Class Three with 24.52 seconds.

Selected results

Boys' 100m Class One

1 Xavya Morgan Rhodes Hall 11.29

2 Rodjae Drummond Green Island 11.35

3 Seandee Porter Petersfield 11.37

Boys' 100m Class Two

1 Conroy Jones STETHS 11.29

2 Sanjay Solomon St James High 11.42

3 Jones, Jamal Charlemont High 11.58

Boys' 100m Class Three

1 Roshane McLeod STETHS 11.81

2 Glendon Patterson Claude McKay 12.14

3 Alex Hart William Knibb 12.16

Girls' 100m Class One

1 Kasheika Cameron Edwin Allen 12.05

2 Fredricka McKenzie Edwin Allen 12.21

3 Khamoy Farqurharson Edwin Allen 12.24

Girls' 100m Class Two

1 Ashanti Moore Hydel High 12.29

2 Ray-donna Lee Hydel High 12.31

3 Gizel Clayton Hydel High 12.40

Girls' 100m Class Three

1 Serena Cole Edwin Allen 12.26

2 Tia Clayton Edwin Allen 12.35

3 Salieci Myles Edwin Allen 12.46

Girls' 100m Class Four

1 Onicia McIntosh Edwin Allen 13.09

2 Tonie-ann Forbes Edwin Allen 13.15

3 Santae Wilson Edwin Allen 13.29

Boys' 200m Class One

1 Kevon Stone Petersfield 22.18

2 Xavya Morgan Rhodes Hall 22.66

3 David Tomlinson Green Island 22.73

Boys' 200m Class Two

1 Antonio Watson Petersfield 22.23

2 Tyrone Barnes STETHS 22.58

3 Cjay Whyte Rhodes Hall 22.94

Boys' Class Three 200m

1 Adrian Nethersole STETHS 24.52

2 Bryan Levell Edwin Allen 24.58

3 Alex Hart William Knibb 24.83

Girls' Class One 200m

1 Stacey-Ann Williams STETHS 25.03

2 Patricia Brown Edwin Allen 25.25

3 Fredricka McKenzie Edwin Allen 25.37

Girls' Class Two 200m

1 Kevona Davis Edwin Allen 24.71

2 Shenese Walker Hydel High 25.33

3 Ray-donna Lee Hydel High 25.34

Girls' Class Three 200m

1 Salieci Myles Edwin Allen 25.12

2 Tina Clayton Edwin Allen 25.26

3 Bethany Bridge dwin Allen 25.45

Girls' Class Four 200m

1 Carleta Bernard Mount Alvern 26.06

2 Aaliyah Foster Mount Alvern 26.46

3 Shantonique McCalla Edwin Allen 27.02

Boys' 400m Class One

1 Rovane Williams Rhodes Hall 49.89

2 Chevannie Hanson Edwin Allen 49.96

3 Radcliffe Burrell Rhodes Hall 50.04

Boys' 400m Class Two

1 Raheim Scott Rusea's High 51.46

2 Alden Pringle Bellefield H 52.13

3 Sachin Dennis STETHS 52.24

Boys' 400m Class Three

1 Vijay Benjamin STETHS 54.30

2 Glendon Patterson Claude McKay 55.15

3 Quewayne Brown Petersfield 55.94

Girls' 400m Class One

Shanamarie Staple Lacovia High 56.24

2 Charokee Young Hydel High 56.47

3 Ockera Myrie Petersfield 57.64

Girls' 400m Class Two

1 Lashanna Graham Edwin Allen 57.92

2 Shenese Walker Hydel High 57.94

3 Monique Brown Edwin Allen 58.07

Girls' 400m Class Three

1 Dejona Simpson Hydel High 58.59

2 Leanna Lewis Edwin Allen 1:00.19

3 Anne-lie Waite Spalding High 1:00.37

Boys' Class One 1500m

Nickoy Harding Rhodes Hall 4:12.96

2 Ceomar Russell Irwin High 4:18.54

3 Rondale Cowan STETHS 4:18.88

Boys' 1500m Class Two

Romoy Grant Bellefield H 4:22.13

2 Chevonne Hall Edwin Allen 4:23.42

3 Alexander Steele Charlemont H 4:26.55

Girls' 1500m Class One

1 Monifa Green Hydel High 4:45.07

2 Kara Grant Edwin Allen 4:46.41

3 Kimone Campbell Spalding High 4:50.69

Girls' 1500m Class Two

Shaquena Foote Petersfield 4:46.37

2 Kayan Green Edwin Allen 4:51.74

3 Jeniel Jones Edwin Allen 5:03.03

Girls' 400m hurdles Open

1 Shiann Salmon Hydel High 1:01.26

2 Lashanna Graham Edwin Allen 1:03.38

3 Terice Steen Rusea's High 1:03.41

Boys' 400m hurdles Class One

1 Sean Kalawan Edwin Allen 55.71

2 Agerian Jackson Edwin Allen 55.91

3 Javed Jones B B Coke H 56.00

Boys' 400m hurdles Class Two

1 Shamar Pearce Petersfield 58.13

2 Jordani Woodley Rusea's High 59.52

3 Ashauni Segree STETHS 1:00.37

Boys' Class One long jump

1 Owayne Owens Cornwall Col 7.12m

2 Ansel Gray Petersfield 7.00m

3 David Tomlinson Green Island 6.96m

Boys' long jump Class Two

1 Tyreek Segree Munro Colleg 6.17m

2 Alexavier Monfries Herbert Morr 6.08m

3 Shaun Wilson William Knib 6.00m

Boys' Class Three long jump

1 Juwarrie Locke Frome Techni 5.61m

2 Lansford Cunningham Cornwall Col 5.59m

3 Alicke Cranston STETHS 5.50m

Girls' Class One long jump

1 Carla Lawson Hydel High 5.80m

2 Monique Williams STETHS 5.22m

3 Shinelle Bromfield B B Coke H 4.82m

Girls' Class Two long jump

1 Lotavia Brown Edwin Allen 5.63m

2 Shade Parr Hydel High 5.61m

3 Nia Robinson Rusea's High 5.41m

Girls' Class 3 long jump

1 Sherika Christie Hydel High 5.25m

2 Janell Barnes Edwin Allen 4.91m

3 Alecia Robinson STETHS 4.90m

Boys' triple jump Open

1 Owayne Owens Cornwall Col 15.05m

2 Kaheem Allen Cornwall Col 13.30m

3 Miguel Alexander Petersfield 13.13m

Girls' triple jump Open

1 Carla Lawson Hydel High 11.90m

2 Velecia Williams Hydel High 11.40m

3 Rhianna Phipps Hydel High 11.30m

Boys' Class One high jump

1 Yeshaun Malcolm Munro Colleg 1.80m

2 Daniel Meggo Cornwall Col 1.70m

2 Kevon Campbell Knox College 1.70m

Boys' Class Two high jump

1 Antonio Hanson Herbert Morr 1.93m

2 Omari Mackenzie Cornwall Col 1.90m

3 Anthony Thorpe Herbert Morr 1.85m

Boys' Class Three high jump

Jordan Richards Manchester H 1.65m

2 Dejone Raymond STETHS 1.60m

3 Samuel Reynolds Herbert Morr 1.55m

Girls' Class One high jump

1 Shania Ingram Edwin Allen 1.70m

2 Candice Bloomfield STETHS 1.50m

2 Moya Crearer STETHS 1.50m

Girls' Class Two high jump

1 Nia Robinson Rusea's High 1.70m

2 Kadian Myers Lacovia High 1.65m

3 Abigale Mullings Edwin Allen 1.60m

Girls' Class Three high jump

1 Bianca Samuels Hydel High 1.55m

2 Sashanti Hinds Hydel High 1.50m

3 Kytthony Baghaloo Montego Bay J1.50m

Boys' Class One discus throw

1 Daniel Cope Petersfield 51.50m

2 Devar Clayton Petersfield 47.43m

3 Christopher Brown Petersfield 43.94m

Boys' Class Two discus throw

1 Liam Elliott Munro Colleg 39.69m

2 Christopher Young Edwin Allen 39.45m

3 Jamaro Morris Christiana H 38.33m

Girls' Class One discus throw

1 Fiona Richards Edwin Allen 51.02m

2 Tiwani Myles Rusea's High 42.64m

3 Kimone Reid Edwin Allen 42.20m

Girls' Class Two discus throw

1 Aliesha Shaw Rusea's High 37.35m

2 Deon Burley Petersfield 37.20m

3 Kadine Brown Edwin Allen 36.60m

Boys' Class One shot put

1 Danree Delancey Munro Colleg 16.95m

2 Courtney Lawrence Petersfield 16.34m

3 Daniel Cope Petersfield 15.37m

Boys' Class Two shot put

1 Avoun Johnson Petersfield 13.32m

2 Jordane Brooks May Day High 13.06m

3 Jamaro Morris Christiana H 13.00m

Girls' shot put Class One

1 Fiona Richards Edwin Allen 13.52m

2 Aliesha Shaw Rusea's High 12.26m

3 Tyest Bryan Hydel High 12.13m

Girls' Class Two shot put

1 Keliesha Shaw Rusea's High 13.79m

2 Deon Burley Petersfield 13.66m

3 Daniella Williams Edwin Allen 12.52m

Boys' javelin Open

1 Santino Anglin Petersfield 48.67m

2 Alex Williams William Knib 45.60m

3 Brandon McLaren Rusea's High 45.30m

Girls' javelin Open

1 Fiona Richards Edwin Allen 34.87m

2 Sashell Robinson Hydel High 29.92m

3 Marney Mussenden Rusea's High 28.70m

Girls' 4x400m Open

1 Edwin Allen High A 3:49.19

2 Hydel High A 3:50.04

3 Petersfield High A 3:51.98

Boys' 4x400m Open

1 Petersfield High A 3:17.41

2 Edwin Allen High A 3:19.71

3 Rhodes Hall High A 3:21.74

Boys' 4x800m relays

1 STETHS A 7:55.41

2 Maggotty High A 8:22.33

3 Edwin Allen High A 8:50.43

Girls' 4x800m relays

1 Hydel High A 11:37.88

2 Edwin Allen High A 11:38.45

3 Spalding High A 11:53.93

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