The amazing Andre McFarlane ignites new flame at Waterhouse

Wednesday, December 06, 2017


When Andre McFarlane entered the field of play in the second half of the Red Stripe Premier League game between Boys' Town FC and Waterhouse FC at the Barbican Field on Sunday, his team was trailing 0-1.

They had gone behind from as early as the fourth minute of play after Tarrique Campbell had given the home team a valuable early lead, to which they clung dearly.

In addition to scoring, Boys' Town had dominated the first half of the contest from which there seemed only one likely winner. But the experienced McFarlane had not spent his time on the bench like a mere spectator. He had been observing the Boys' Town defenders, and so when called upon by coach Donovan Duckie, he was ready to deliver for his team. And how he delivered!

Ten minutes after entering the fray in the 56th minute, the left-footed marksman hit the back of the net, after turning two defenders to fire home into the bottom right corner of Mihkail Harrison's goal. With the scores tied at 1-1 and the travelling fans outnumbering the home faithful, the Waterhouse players were able to feed off the energy of their supporters as they took control of the game.

The Boys' Town defence, which was largely untroubled in the first half, was suddenly under pressure from a Waterhouse team filled with purpose and intent. The team from Drewsland kept knocking on the door and grabbed a precious second goal in the 88th minute when McFarlane scored a replica of his first goal, but from the other side of the box this time around completing the rally 2-1.

That second goal was enough to earn Waterhouse all three points and their second win in a row, following consecutive draws. The eight points earned from the last four games have moved Waterhouse from near the relegation zone up to seventh place, as the impact of Donovan Duckie reverberates throughout the club.

McFarlane explained to the Jamaica Observer how he was able to come on to the field and make such a big impact.

“I observed that Boys' Town defence was slow, so I came on and bring the pace and got two goals out of it. I am quicker than the defenders, so once the ball comes to my foot, they can't touch it,” said the match winner.

The former Tivoli Gardens striker agreed that the upturn in form at the club is a direct result of coach Duckie.

“The team has been training well and coach has made us believe in ourselves again, so it can only get better. The transition of our play is different, as we lose it in and around the box we press to win back the ball,” noted McFarlane.

If McFarlane is to be taken at his word, then things will only get better at Waterhouse FC.

“I am going to keep working hard so we can continue to get good results. There will be no (Christmas) holidays for us at Waterhouse,” he said.

Duckie himself believes that there is a lot more to come from his players.

“The players are hungry and they don't deserve to be in the bottom half of the table. The organisation of the team on the field is much better, so we can expect better results going forward,” he assured.

Despite seventh place in the standings, Waterhouse, who now have 15 points, are only one point above 10th place Humble Lion, which means that the work must continue if they are to stay away from the dreaded relegation zone.

— Dwayne Richards