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Gardening — September 3

Sunday, September 03, 2017


Dear Orchid Doc:

I live in Ghana, Africa and read somewhere that you fertilise your Rhynchostylis thrice weekly... Really? What do you feed them on?

Kate Ayensu


Dear Kate:

It is a pleasure to know that we are being read as far as Ghana. Thank you for your question. I certainly fertilise my Rhynchostylis thrice weekly using any soluble fertiliser which would include 20-20-20, Bloom Booster Epsom salt, and trace elements.

May I also suggest that you dilute the mix beyond the suggested dosage, as you will be fertilising three times per week.


Dear Orchid Doc:

You mentioned in an article some time ago that insects don't really kill orchids, but I have some slugs that have almost fully digested my dendrobiums. The slugs seem to come out at nights and I am an early sleeper. I have dogs and cats so I cannot use the slug pellets. Apart from going out at nights and cutting them in two, and the use of slug pellets, is there another solution?



Dear Meikle

There is too, the slug guard

The only challenge with this method is that the slug would have to eat the plant before the slug can be killed.

I, personally, am not too fond of this method, but you might have no choice.

Do check under the pots as these make great hiding spots.




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