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SO Dear Orchid Doc — September 17

Betty Ashley

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear Orchid Doc:


Dear Orchid Doc: I would love to get some information on Osmocote fertiliser. What can I use it on, and does it make sense to put it on vandas in the garden?



Dear Hyacinth:


1. Osmocote is a fertiliser that slowly releases the nutrients whenever the plant is watered. 2. Osmocote can be used to boost the growth or the bloom. NB: You would not boost a feeble orchid to bloom, but rather boost the growth beforehand 3. Osmocote will burn the orchids if applied directly on the plant, especially dendrobiums, so apply away from body of plant around the rim. You ask whether Osmocote can be put on Sun Vandas. Once the plant is able to absorb the nutrients, I see no problem.




Dear Orchid Doc:


My Dendrobiums refuse to bloom. I have had them for a long time and just cannot understand why they are not blooming. I fertilise and spray them regularly, but just cannot get enough blooms. Help!



Dear KF:


I cannot tell you the reason, as I am not sure. I do know, however, that Dendrobium orchids will not bloom if they are sprayed with Champion or Kocide. One common active ingredient is copper, and apart from burning in the sun, the Dendrobiums do not bloom when they have been sprayed with either of these two chemicals. Maybe you have been using one of these?




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