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SO Dear Orchid Doc Sept 10

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dear Orchid Doc:

We have been having rain almost every day in my area of St Andrew and as we all know, too much rain will cause fungus on the orchids.

What preventative measure what can you suggest? Once the fungus starts, it is very difficult to stop.


B Jonas


Dear B Jonas:

Prevention is always better than cure, so during the rainy season I use fungicide twice per week. I even go a little further by putting the dry fungicide on the neck of the orchids, which is where the fungus usually starts. As a preventative measure you could also take off that dry layer at the neck of the plant (where the plant meets stones). This dry layer is where the fungus originates.



Dear Orchid Doc:

I received a catalaya sucker from a friend whose plant has been struggling.


Can you please guide me how to pot it? (i e medium, wide pot, deep pot, etc)




Dear Tina:

The size of the pot should be sized accordingly to the size of the root ball, i am assuming that it is a small piece therefore a 2 “ pot would be good enough.

Medium can be a mixture of tree fern bark ,charcoal and stones, place where you would a dendrobium.




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