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SO Gardening — July 23

Dear Orchid Doc

With Betty Ashley

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dear Orchid Doc:

Although I spray my orchids every two weeks, I have noticed some deformity as well as black markings on my blooms.

Can you please help me?




Dear AMC

Although I am not seeing your picture clearly, it could be thrips/mites.

Usually, preventative chemicals don't fix your problem. One would have to diagnose and treat accordingly. Visit your farm store and ask specifically for chemicals to treat thrips/mites.


Dear Orchid Doc:

How often should I water my Vandas?




Dear Sandy:

The frequency that one waters depends on a few things.

1. Where you reside.

2. Time of year.

3. The medium in which the orchid is planted.

If you reside in an area that enjoys heavy rainfall, adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Orchids need much more water during the hotter months than during October to April.

Examine the medium in which the plant is growing. Does it absorb water or does the water run through?

All these factors must be considered when watering.