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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 first runner-up Krystal Pitt was the female face of this year's SPF Weekend party series, held in the resort playground of Ocho Rios over the Independence holiday. The in-demand model and Florida resident flawlessly shook off a thunderstorm at the Forever Beach fête in Chukka Bay Saturday last to build a vibe with us between refreshing sips of 'crystal punch'.


What's your favourite pre-game drink?

When you're not much of a drinker, is water an acceptable answer? #StayHydrated


Which social skill do you hope to perfect?

Being mindful of my facial expressions because, according to my friends and family, I have resting screw face. I'm really nice, guys!


Which recording artiste always gives you what you didn't even know you wanted in a summer song?

Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel.


What's the most outrageous thing you'd ever want to see occur at a Rock event?

Well, the social and party scenes in Jamaica are quite unique and diverse. I've seen some crazy things but I think a helicopter landing at a party would be pretty outrageous!

Name a décor/logistics element you would tweak with fêtes in general?

So, experiencing the lifestyle abroad, what I thought was convenient was that VIP couches had drawers to store ladies' purses and other items while enjoying the party with no worry and no clutter.


Are you an extrovert or an introvert? How does your personality type affect the way you navigate an event?

I'm a little bit of both, actually. Spending time alone is excellent for self-awareness and self-growth, but being exposed to the energies of others creates balance.


Photos hold the keys to memories. Recall your most recent fave.

Heading out to Old Spanish Bridge over the White River in St Mary. There's nothing like being in the natural Jamaica and it's even better with family.


Experiences versus possessions?

I believe in quality over quantity. Experiences help with life's journey of knowledge while possessions only last for a time.


How do you connect with others in a public space?

Via facial expressions and body language.


What's the next invite you'll be accepting?

I'm off to the Cayman Islands to do a Carnival photo shoot for an upcoming band launch.