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Cocktails With... Sheneseea

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dancehall artiste Shenseea pauses from her European tour to knock glasses as we become more acquainted. The Flow Lyf and Pepsi-Cola brand ambassador is poised on shedding her ingénue status for full-fledged stardom. Already a household name — with a catchphrase to boot — the Loodi and Wine hitmaker is steadily holding her own among a strong cadre of contemporary female acts.

Flight delays and connections abound, what stays in your cup?

Room temperature Pepsi.


“Ah, Shenseea” has become your signature catchphrase… when did it stick?

I literally noticed it was a phrase of mine when I went out in public and everybody who knew me was, like, “Ah, Shenseea”. That's the first thing they say before they even greet me with a hello or something!

In your transition from Chinsea to recording artiste and brand ambassadorShenseea, what was the most difficult thing to leave behind?

I wouldn't say I left anything behind; everything is going so well I just really have to be grateful. I am able to help my family and loved ones around me for now and I will continue on the path I am on to help others in the future.


No matter where you are in the world, what is your pre-performance ritual?

I normally say a short prayer and finalise my entire set by doing a run-through in my head, to make sure I can remember my song placements and the ideas I have to put on a good show!


How do you define success?

I define success as doing what you love and reaching your ultimate goal and sustaining happiness whilst doing so because many are successful and, after a time, they lose that love they once had! They have riches but no happiness.


Describe your dream audience.

My dream audience is when I can fill an entire building with thousands upon thousands of people! Just people that love me and my music! I know their responses will be amazing when I interact with them! Singing the words of my songs! Laugh at my jokes and cheer me on when I do out-of-the-box moves.


What does your brand add to those of established corporate entities?

Well, one main thing I would say is my image and the fact that I am new! The corporate companies I have signed with all portray something new to the people and with my image it is suitable for the age group they are targeting. I am young, hip, hot and also influential on my social media, so when I broadcast what my companies have to offer, a lot of people really take interest and try the product which the companies are offering. Who's better to promote a new product than someone new, hot and fresh on the scene?


Who do you become in a crisis?

I wouldn't know, to be honest, because how I portray myself as an artiste is how I really am as a person, so if something happens personally it affects me mentally as an artiste, and if something happens publicly I still think about it when I'm not in the public. What you see is what I really am! I don't have a separation where my career is concerned because even when I'm at home or out on a trip I'm still working.


Beyoncé's got hot sauce in her bag, what's in yours?

Food. I always have food! Beyoncé better share some of that hot sauce she got so I can spice up my thaaannggg!