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My Kingston — Devin Dakta

Sunday, August 27, 2017


2017 Grammy-Nominated Dancehall Artiste

What are the Dakta's orders to his dancehall contemporaries?

Ensure you have a good manager. Stay focused but find your own musical lane and own it.


Your mainstream breakthrough came when you were crowned co-winner of Magnum Kings and Queens. If you could create a music reality show of your own, what would it be about?

It would be one where education is involved. I'd give contestants a book to read, person or topic to research about and do a summary in the form of a 2.5 mins song. The 10 contestants would be living together at a house and have a week to prepare summaries. During this week they have to find time for voice training, go to the studio to make riddims with assigned producers and have their outfits made. During this week they would also have activities they have to participate in. RULE: no smart devices at the house. They would also have to find time to go out and get information at Internet cafes or whereever but would have to be in by 8:00 pm and only can leave at 9:00 in the mornings. Performances would be on Saturday's at 9:00 pm.


What recent song have you heard that you wish you wrote?

The most current song I've heard that I wish I was a a part of is Calvin Harris's Feels that features Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean.


Where is the strangest place you've found motivation to craft lyrics?

That's definitely on the toilet seat!


Was being seated in the audience at the Grammy Awards ceremony this year better than being nominated?

Being in the Grammy audience was a great experience for me as I got the chance to watch some of the world's biggest names in music grace the stage, but being nominated was even better because my name was listed and will forever be among these great people.


Who do you call first if you find a duffel bag outside your door with $10 million in it?

I would call my mother to pray and bless it so that the owner doesn't come back for it.


What new projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently promoting my song Daddy as well as another called Oh Devil, on which I was featured by the band Electric Guest. The latter song went on the Billboard Rock Chart. The music videos for both songs are out on YouTube and I'm gearing up to release another song and music video in the coming weeks, titled Get Hot which is produced by Alexx Antaeus.


Simple pleasures for me are...

Chilling with my family in St Mary, going to the hills and enjoying the view overlooking the city, or just listening to different types of music.


What's been your weirdest dream?

I dreamt that I was performing live at the Superbowl with Bob Marley and Michael Jackson while The Beatles were our backing band and Whitney Houston, our back-up singer.


When does disrespect go too far, in your book?

Disrespect goes too far when a person puts their hand in my food and thinks it's funny. Nuh ramp wid mi food, bredrin or we ago war! Mi tek mi food serious!