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MY OCHO RIOS - Adam McGraham

Head of marketing, KLE Group & event organiser, Forever Beach

Sunday, August 13, 2017

What is your earliest memory of Ocho Rios?

Climbing the Dunn's River Falls.


What's the most memorable meal you've enjoyed in Ocho Rios?

Jerk pork at Scotchies.


What would you do if you were mayor of Ocho Rios for a day?

I would push for greater protection of our tourists. We have to educate people about how damaging tourist harassment is. I'm not even a tourist and I get harassed sometimes when I visit.


What would be one of your recommendations to a first-time visitor to Ocho Rios?

To experience driving the dune buggies through Prospect Plantation.


Which public figure, dead or alive, would you join for a rollicking night on the town?

Definitely Dan Bilzerian, the American venture capitalist, professional poker player and 'King of Instagram' (with 22.6 million followers at last count). He is a free spirit. He parties and plays hard. I also believe you have to bet big to win big.


Outside of an exodus of patrons, when is a party over for you?

Once the disc jockey stops playing good music and the dancing stops!


The Noise Abatement Act — a buzzkill or an eco-friendly necessity?

Mixed feelings. I totally understand how loud music late at night can disturb homeowners and hotel guests; however, I think that proper zoning and town planning can help to find common ground.​


Play hard, work hard — who embodies this lifestyle best for you?

KLE Group CEO Gary Matalon. He balances his social life and corporate duties in a very even way. He is able to 'flex' in multiple arenas and that makes him quite versatile. ​


When the occasion calls for making an impression, what's your go-to ensemble?

Long-sleeved shirt, tailored pants and designer shoes.


What's your guilty pleasure?

Older women!