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SO Cocktails With... Connie Williams

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Conquering the art scene one canvas at a time, Optical Smart director and self-taught painter Connie Williams is about to debut a range of eyeglasses frames bearing her nickname Conzeye, an exciting design venture which will seek to expand brand loyalty among her clientele and push Williams' creativity beyond the brushstroke. The Port Royal heritage site Fort Charles is where we meet to exchange ideas.


Forget the last supper, what would you savour as your final drink in testament?

A flute of Cristal Champagne.


Is The Rock's obsession with small-scale entrepreneurship more a reflection of a cultural rebellion against the establishment or just an innate need for independence?

Neither. To my mind, it has to do with economies of scale. We are a small island and we start off initially as 'mom and pop' stores and eventually grow and expand.


Do The Rock men get unwarranted credit for the unsung contributions of a predominantly matriarchal society?

Absolutely! There are so many single-parent families in our society where the mother is the one carrying the burden of raising and more importantly, building the foundation for their children which lays out who they become later on. Then you'll see when that child turns out to be 'somebody', by default of being the father of that child you automatically get credit. The whole process of growth is overlooked.


What ultimately determines our relationship with money?

Instinctively need, but one is also influenced by a selfish material desire to have the best for oneself and family.


What is the greatest gift a parent can give to their child?

An education.


Relay the last time you threw caution to wind to desirous effect.

Entering the Liguanea Art Festival as an amateur artist.


In your darkest hour, what emerged as the light at the end of the tunnel?

A wonderful child.


Do good luck charms have a place in your approach to life, and which has been your most significant?

Yes! Call me superstitious but there is a card with Saint Jude on it that my mother gave me as a child; I never leave home without it.


Looking for love in all the wrong places — is this an occupational hazard of post-modern dating?

Definitely, it is natural to want companionship, but you can't just jump at every chance you get on the superficial 'feel good' sensation that it produces at first.


It is said that 'seeing is believing'; but is there ever a case where this does not ring true?

I think once you have faith, you don't need to see to believe.