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SO My Kingston — Omar Dattadean

Sunday, September 03, 2017


What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day?

I would implement a social intervention programme to develop inner-city youths through education and upskilling in entrepreneurship. Youth empowerment is important to sustainable socio-economic development and so it is important to commit resources to achieving this.


Where and what was the most memorable meal you've enjoyed in Kingston?

Norma's on Whitehall Avenue. The oxtail was divine.


What's a must-do for a first-time visitor to Kingston?

The Blue Mountains.


As the second-in-command overseeing an iconic beverage brand, what are your first rules of engagement in upselling?

The first rule is to ensure that the first drink I patron/consumer has is my brand. A consumer will most likely stick with their first drink throughout the night/event so that initial experience with the brand is important.


Is guerilla marketing ever an appropriate tool of the trade?

I prefer the term tactical marketing.


Whose approval matters most to you, and why?

If my daughter is proud to call me her father, I would have achieved my highest human potential.




Humanity in business means...

The customer/consumer is always right. You must be able to connect with your consumers as people first and foremost. Make a connection to who they are beyond the event or the occasion.


Daniel Craig or Sean Connery? Whose 007 status would you revoke if you had to do so?

I grew up on Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig… for me, they epitomise the ethos of the man of the world and also coincide with the 20-year-old partnership with Heineken and 007. They connect with my millennial psyche and gentleman-like sensibilities. But one cannot deny that Sean Connery has a certain je ne sais qoui which transcends all generations.


What annoys you?

I detest a dirty car…especially when it's mine.


My bucket list will never be completed until...

I am able to take a trip into outer space. I want to walk on the moon.


The last provocative philosophy that left you with much to chew on originated from where?

Over the years I have made an emotional connection to a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Life is what you make it.” I'm self-motivated so I believe in charting my own course which is synonymous with a Heineken behaviour: Act as an entrepreneur. You have to 'own' your outcome, professionally and personally.