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Class of 2018 & Beyond

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Most Likely To Give Rupert Murdoch A Run For His Money

Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View is a new media company, founded by two 19-year-olds, Joshua Orgill and Dominic Gordon, as a way of making money from their hobbies of videography and photography. They eventually realised that there was an opportunity to capitalise on the use of new drone technology to enhance the way events were being recorded. After investing in the first company drone, the reality hit that they could turn their hobbies into a real business. One DSLR camera, two new drones and three new team members later — 20-year-old Brett Mahfood, 19-year-old Julius Raebel and 20-year-old Jason Black — and voila!

Clients to date include Mayberry Investments and Xsomo International, plus, events such as Dream Weekend and SPF Weekend. The team has ambitions to expand into music videos, ads and real estate and to capitalise on drone technology.