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Class of 2018 & Beyond

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Next Big Image-Maker

Natasha Lee Duhaney


Most people will dedicate their lives to building a single career; Natasha Lee Duhaney is building two: realtor and online influencer. When she's not busy perfecting the home-buying and selling process for clients, she's creating content for her blog, and for the brands she works with.

“After graduating from the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor's in Psychology,” she tells SO, “I realised my passion to further my studies faded away. Though I had already applied for grad school I was still unsure about what sort of future I wanted. So over the summer months I began helping my mother [a real estate maven] take photos of her real estate listings. Within this time I discovered my love for photography, and what I thought was a trivial hobby quickly turned into a passion. It was this growing interest in photography that led me to the world of real estate and to starting my blog.”

Duhaney discovered fashion blogs while in college, and through them found empowerment and inspiration, and decided to create one herself. Due to proscrastination coupled with self-doubt, it took a year to actually start. Thankfully, her passion for photography kept that dream alive and once she began sharing her daily musings and personal style on the social media platform, Instagram, it wasn't long before her followers online took notice of her personal style. This not only birthed and a veritable army of followers called StyleLeeders, but further piqued her interest in real estate. “I wanted to do more than just take photos of homes my mother had for sale — I wanted to actually sell the homes, too.” She became a licensed realtor and joined her mother, Joan Lee, to create the ultimate mother-daughter agent duo at Remax Elite.