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Gardening - August 20

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dear Orchid Doc:

Why do the leaves of my bare root orchids drop so easily and fail to grow roots yet might be spiking or blooming?




Dear Heslop:


Positioning your orchids upright rather than laying them flat might help to solve this issue.

Plus, the failure to grow roots is a direct result of the plant directing all its energy to the blooming aspect of the orchids. My advise is to abort the bloom if the orchid has no roots and redirect the energy to the roots.





Dear Orchid Doc:


What's the best insecticide to use to prevent slugs eating the leaves off my dendrobiums?


Natalee of Stony Hill




Dear Natalie of Stony Hill:


First of all, please do not water your orchids late at nights, as this will create the type of environment that slugs thrive in.


Do use slug bait but be mindful of pets. The safest way to get rid of them might be to use a flashlight to find them at nights. Salt is also used as a deterrent but might impact your orchids in a negative way. If you have children get them involved in this eradication venture.





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