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Gardening - August 6

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Dear Orchid Doc:

I have had a few cymbidiums for some time now which refuse to bloom. Do you know anything about cymbidiums that could resolve the situation? They look quite healthy otherwise and are extremely fat with multiple bulbs.



Dear Elsie;


The fact that your plants look healthy and have multiple shoots would suggest that you have the growing and fertilising aspect of it down pat!

However, not knowing what type of cymbidiums you have I have to tell you that there are some that refuse to bloom in warmer climates. The more hybrid types are more tolerant of the heat and will bloom in temperatures that are higher than 80 degrees.

The older type requires a drop in temperature at nights of some 10 to 15 degrees before a spike will initiate. The good news is that the bloom lasts a very long time. It might be a good idea to send the plants up to the cooler areas for at least 30 days, during the blooming season, to initiate the bud. Best of luck.


Dear Orchid Doc:


The leaf of my Phalaenopsis has started to look like someone took a nail and made small dents all over it. Plus, the leaf has started to get crooked. It tries to bloom but that too is very crooked. Can you diagnose the problem, please?



Dear SJ;


From the sounds of things, it seems to be a problem with mites. This problem, based on your plant being crooked, has been with you for some time.

My recommendation is that you use an insecticide called Cure once per week for four to six weeks and then every two weeks.

Do take the precautionary measures listed on the bottle.


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