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Ground broken for new Trelawny resort

Sunday, April 14, 2019

AMATERRA Jamaica Limited has broken ground for its first resort on just over 27 acres of prime beachfront property in Stewart Castle, Trelawny.

Surrounded by an amphitheatre-shaped ridge, the Amaterra resort will be a fully integrated, 800-room facility.

The ground-breaking, which took place on Friday, signifies the first step of the group's major integrated real estate development which will incorporate tourism, commercial and other elements and span over 1,000 acres of property in Trelawny. The completed project, which will take the shape of a township, which will include resorts, entertainment facilities, theme parks, a pedestrian town centre, manufacturing facilities, Special Economic Zones, and much more.

“From the moment I envisioned the concept, my wife and I, we have worked relentlessly to make it a reality. It is therefore with great pride that we are here today, witnessing the beginning of the dream,” Group Chairman Keith Russell said during the ground-breaking ceremony.

“The Amaterra development will be the first of its kind in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region and with the help of our international partners we will create a model integrated township worthy of being emulated all around the world,” he continued.

The Amaterra Group was founded by Russell, who is a former Member of Parliament for the North Trelawny constituency, and his wife Paula Russell. Among its board of directors are Tourism and Leisure Development International owner Francisco Fuentes and Rexton Capital Partners Limited owners Mustapha Deria and Guillermo Velasco.