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Outstanding payments from International University of the Caribbean

Tell Claudienne

Claudienne Edwards

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Dear Claudienne

I worked at the International University of the Caribbean (IUC) from 2012 to 2016 and have had problems receiving payment for every course I teach.

They do not respond to calls nor e-mails; neither do they pay the amount stated on the contract when they do send one.

In 2017 I visited the office and after serious discussions, I received $55,000 owed from 2013. Since then I have made other attempts but nobody responds.

There are many more like me.

Below is a list of what is still owing to me; I am asking you to use your good office to help me to get my money.

Thanks for your assistance.


Communication 1 – September – December 2014 $70,671.38

Communication 11 – September – December 2014 $41,342.76 (Balance from $70,671.38)

Information Literacy – January – April 2015 $70,671.38

Skills in Context and Content Areas – May – July 2015 $70,671.38

Caribbean Studies – January – May 2016 $120,420.00

Information Literacy – September – December 2016 $120,420.00


TOTAL $494,196.90




Dear PG

Tell Claudienne has been in communication with International University of the Caribbean (IUC) and learnt that the university has been under new leadership since July.

The new president of IUC told Tell Claudienne that he assumed leadership of the university at the end of July 2019. He said that he has been assessing the challenges at IUC and endeavouring to work out strategies to enable the university to cover past payment debts owed to lecturers.

He said that the university is trying to make payments on a monthly basis to lecturers it owes.

The president said that the university is trying to sell some of its assets to reduce its indebtedness and was near to completing the sale of a property it owns on Old Hope Road.

IUC hoped to complete the sale this month (December) and to get a substantial amount of the money for the sale.

He said that the university was also selling another property it owned in Portland and was also seeking to recapitalise.

The president assured Tell Claudienne that you will be paid and we note that on November 1, 2019, you were paid $100,000 of the amount owed to you.

You have been promised payment of the remaining sum IUC owes you by the end of December 2019. So please inform Tell Claudienne when you receive it.

We wish you all the best.



Dear Claudienne:

I applied for a refund of ALL my NHT Contributions from 1976-1987.

I was informed by NHT that they cannot find any records that the Jamaican Government paid over any of my monthly contributions.

The yearly NHT contributions (1976-1987) were supposed to be invested for seven years at compound interest. Is this correct?

However, in 2018, I was given a cheque (for $2000.00 — not cashed) for one year's NHT contributions.

Could you please have the NHT clarify this matter for me.




Dear YCR

Tell Claudienne has been in communcation with the NHT about your matter.

The NHT has sent Tell Claudienne the following response:

“The National Housing Trust (NHT) acknowledges the query made by YCR, with regard to refunds of contributions made for the period 1976-1987. Our checks have indicated that contributions were made on behalf of YCR for the years 1976, 1981, 1982 and 1983 by her employer.

Our checks further indicate that YCR's contributions plus interest, are in keeping with amounts she has indicated she received from the NHT via cheque in 2017. A statement detailing the contributions made and interest applied, has been made available for her perusal.

Our records did not show any further contributions being made for the other years indicated. However, if there is supporting evidence that there were contributions made for the years in question, we would be happy to review same and engage her employer(s) in a discussion to have the matter resolved.

We stand ready to provide any further assistance and guidance she may require in this matter.”

Please let us know if you send the NHT the supporting evidence they have requested, so that Tell Claudienne can follow up on this matter.

We wish you all the best.


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