Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out (TSO) is an exhilarating shopping initiative by Jamaica’s number one daily newspaper to stimulate retail sales island-wide.

This year we celebrate on Thursday, October 2, 2014 Dubbed “a night of retail therapy”, the event, now in its second year as Jamaica Obsserver Takes Style Out but its fifth overall (Fashion’s Night Out), has become part of the island’s socio-economic calendar as merchants and consumers alike anticipate a boost in sales and massive discounts respectively. We ask our retailers to open their doors for the extended hours from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm and to offer huge discounts ranging from 60% and upwards. It is expected that they will not just open for the night, but will also create the perfect shopping experience – via music, hors d’ oeuvres, signature drinks and special tokens for their clients.

The activation of our TSO begins with a month-long, island-wide road tour to register thousands of participants who will open their doors and extend discounts to patrons on the night of the event. Each year, Jamaica Observer Limited visits all major town centres and registers in excess of 2,000 businesses. The additional benefit of being a participating store allows for great visibility leading up to the event by way of our listing and supplement that features what the participants will be doing on the night and allows for our shoppers to pre-plan their shopping experience.

The Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out road tour has the added benefit of creating greater awareness for the event to supplement the on-going marketing push via print, broadcast and social media. Each year, the Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out brings a number of major towns island-wide to a halt during shopping hours, as consumers rush to capitalise on huge discounts. The event is heavily supported by our parish councils, Transport Authorities and the police force who work closely with the team during the hours of the event to ensure it flows smoothly.

Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out 2014 promises to exceed all expectations and results of previous years with the addition of more towns, partners and increased sustained promotional activities.