• Early release for Busy
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Early release for Busy

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal, who was arrested on drug-related charges, is back in Jamaica. Photographs have surfaced of the artiste at the Norman Manley International Airport on Friday night.

According to reports from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the artiste was released earlier than expected. The deejay, who was sentenced to six months in prison, only served two months, in addition to time served, before his hearing.

It is left to see if he will resume his dancehall career.

$10-million clash?

It was alleged that after vowing never to perform at Sting again, Dancehall artiste Ninja Man is now demanding $10 million to clash KipRich at the event.

Reports are that after Ninja Man was given a deposit he claims that it was his 'performance fee', and not his 'clash fee'. He explained that he notice other artistes were getting $5 or $6 million for doing clashes and he deserves the $10 million because he is the best at this job.

Ninja Man also clarified that it is not his intention to clash with KipRich, but to pass on the 'Clash King' title on to him.

Reports are, however, that KipRich plans to clash with Ninja Man if he is offered more money.

Macka pulls the plug on friendship with Lady Saw

Female artiste Charmaine Munroe, more popularly known as Macka Diamond, has reportedly pulled the plug on her friendship with the Queen of the Dancehall, Lady Saw. The Dancehall diva made her stance clear in her new single Mi Bless.

Macka explained that the feud started because of her song Forty and Fabulous prior to which Lady Saw did a counteraction and then denied that that was what she did.

Lady Saw, however, tried to clarify that it wasn't a counteraction by stating that her track titled Age Is Just A Number recordered a while back, but was coincidentally released after Forty and Fabulous.

She added that she would not do a song about someone in her own age group.