PAWTY GAWDZ ready to reign

Ian Williams

Tuesday, June 19, 2012    

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IT'S June, which means the summer has officially begun. The parties have already started and TEENagers are out in their numbers having fun. There is one group of TEENagers, however, who have dedicated their time and effort into ensuring that you have the best summer ever and they go by the name Pawty Gawdz.

TEENage: How was this group formed?

Oshane Junior (OJ): Just a group of friends with the same interest in partying and photography.

TEENage: When was the group formed?

OJ: Well, we have been friends and partying for a while but Pawty Gawdz was officially founded on March 5, 2012.

TEENage: How many people are in the group?

OJ: Well, currently we have eight members, five of which are core members.

TEENage: What is the group about?

OJ: We are a promotional and photography group, we do parties and social events.

TEENage: Who is the mastermind behind the group?

OJ: There is no mastermind, we all play an important role, (pointing at group members) Anthony Fortella is in charge of public relations; Karim Forbes, photos; Christopher Forbes, tech; David Williams, manages promotions; and I am the CEO.

TEENage: How do you go about promoting parties?

David Williams (DW): We utilise all the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, you name it. We also issue fliers and wear promotional T-shirts when they are provided and then there is always word of mouth.

TEENage: How many parties have you been involved with?

OJ: Wata Party, Blackout, Ammarra, Dutty Rock...

DW: Also, we've promoted and took photos at Club Rhythm, UWI's Integration Thursday's, Beach Rave, BBM, and Carnival Vibes, just to name a few.

TEENage: What is the difference between Pawty Gawdz and all the other promotional groups?

OJ: We are fast and dedicated to what we do, we also offer an integration of services while other groups only offer one.

Karim Forbes: Also, when we take photos at events, we upload them immediately unlike other groups which take days.

TEENage: What has been your biggest success to date?

OJ: Working with Island Mass Entertainment and also purchasing a new Canon camera for the group.

TEENage: What has been your biggest problem?

DW: That would most definitely be getting funds to move forward and increasing our popularity.

TEENage: What's the big plan for the summer?

OJ: We are definitely looking to work with as many parties as possible, ATI Dream Weekend, if possible.

DW: There is also a Pawty Gawdz party in the making for this summer but we are lacking the resources, so anyone willing to come on board can contact us for further details.

TEENage: What are your long-term plans?

DW: We are looking at branching off into different aspects of the business, we are currently promoting young talents along with the parties.

TEENage: Young talents such as?

OJ: We are currently promoting Krazi Unetz, a group of dancers from Duhaney Park, and Fagan Fraternity, a group of music producers.

TEENage: How can people contact Pawty Gawdz?

OJ: Follow us on Twitter.com/@Pawtygawdz or look for us on Facebook.



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