Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TEENage Hitlist - Feb 26

WHAT makes a hit? Is it the lyrics, the artiste, the hype at the time? Is it 'something special' about the voice or rhythm?

The TEENage Hitlist pinpoints the hits and the misses as soon as we hear both local and international releases.

Hey Porsche


A little-known fact about rapper/singer Nelly is that for the decade 2000-2010, he was the fourth highest-selling artiste globally, clocking over 40 million record sales (singles and albums) during this period.

Fast-forward to 2013, and Nelly's stock price has gone down since his glory days of the Country Grammar-Nellyville era, but history shows that once this St Louis, USA, native has a hit, it's a massive one. Hey Porsche will be just that.

The track is a guitar-driven pop-rock track, with simplistic lyrics comparing Nelly's love interest to that of a Porsche motor car.

Listeners will find similarities sonically with Hey Porsche and Flo-Rida's Whistle, especially surrounding their respective melodies, but this can be attributed to DJ Frank E being the producer of both tracks

Although Hey Porsche has little, to no, semblance of a hip-hop sound, in the currently tough music market that artistes have to operate in, some slack must be given to Nelly.

His last hit single, 2010's Just A Dream, was a pop single as well, so TEENage Hitlist sees his latest release as a wise business choice, not an artistic one.

TEENage Hitlist believes that Hey Porsche is the first pop hit of the year, and is a roaring comeback single for Nelly.