The Sunshine Girls continue to shine but are constantly overlooked

For many girls in high school netball is the sport played most during their Physical Education classes.
Netball is not only the number one women's sport in Jamaica, but also the number one team sport played on the island.† As of December 2, 2018, Jamaica ranks third in the International Netball Federation World Rankings. In previous years, the girls have not slipped further than fourth place in the world. So then why are the Sunshine Girls underfunded?
Netball Jamaica recently tweeted a photo requesting contributions from the public to travel to England in July for the Netball World Cup. It's rather disheartening that our prized Sunshine Girls have to be soliciting funds in such a manner, while other sports, irrespective of their performance, are well-funded. As a nation we need to invest more in our brand Netball Jamaica - the mass should be sensitized to the events surrounding Netball. Persons should be anticipating the Netball World Cup, for we know we have a track record of excellence.†
This lack of support for our golden girls reflects poorly on us as a nation. To be properly funded is not asking for too much, it is simply asking for common courtesy. Undoubtedly the Sunshine Girls are deserving of this. The Sunshine Girls should not have been in such a situation where they have to look to the discretion of the public. Nonetheless, as disheartening as it is, support their cause and invest in Netball Jamaica.
Upgrade the sport that is not only played by many teen females across the island, but also is the number one women's sport and number one team sport in Jamaica.
Upgrade Netball.
--Akeelia Richards