• Tifa and Spice finally do collab
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tifa and Spice finally do collab

TEENage was On The Set for the video shoot of Why Yuh Mad, Tifa and Spice's collaborative song of triumph over their detractors on Washroom Entertainment's Dog Bite Riddim.

Why Yuh Mad was shot at Pat-A-Kake Bakery in Liguanea's Lane Plaza, and at a studio on Lindsay Cresent by director Dexter Pottinger.

The visual backdrop to accompany Why Yuh Mad, "depicts the struggles of Tifa and Spice in a fun way, to make sure that their message is delivered, but viewers can still enjoy themselves," Pottinger said.

The highly anticipated collaboration should have happened on last year's Martimoney Riddim, also a Washroom Entertainment release, but didn't happen until this month, according to Tifa.

Speaking on the creative inspiration behind the song, Tifa said that, "I've been a target this year, and Why Yuh Mad is about my experience and journey. It's a liberating song, as I'm asking why someone would hate on a person who is working hard, and it's something that every female goes through."

She said further that it was Conroy Forte of Washroom Entertainment that suggested that Why Yuh Mad sounded like a song perfect for Spice to be on also, and once asked, she didn't hesitate to lay her vocals for the track.

Spice told TEENage that: "I am excited about this collaboration, and I can't wait for everybody to see the video, as it's a song that we can all relate to. It's two women teaming up, instead of fighting, and it shows girl power."

Other members of the video crew included Marvin Martley, the director of photography, Jovian Markland for styling, and additional make-up done by Stacy McNeil and Samantha Surgent.

The video for Why Yuh Mad is slated to be released today.