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Crab Night @ 100 Hope Road

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The hip kids on social media like to say “even though it's Monday act like it's Saturday”. Clearly 100 Hope Road (aka 100 Kingston) is hip to it. The Monday night crab and lobster fest has been a weekly fixture of the hotspot for the past two years. Fun fact: the Montego Bay outpost of 100 started its weekly seafood fest this past Monday. For $2,000 plus tax, one can have his/her fill of seafood soup, crab backs, garlic, spicy or curried crab, fried lobster and pepper shrimp.

Thursday Food arrived at 100 Kingston just after 7:30 pm and the rooftop patio was in full swing. Restaurant manager Caleen Doctor and her team of servers moved quickly and efficiently around the dining area. They ensured that guests were not only given the rundown of the menu but also that quality checks were regularly made. Thursday Food saw many happy faces.

It's easy to see why the garlic crab is a crowd favourite. Well seasoned, deep with flavour and surprisingly not greasy this is a solid dish. The curry crab and fried lobster are also quite good. Remember the crab backs from Grog Shoppe back in the early aughts? These are just as good! One bite of 100 Kingston's crab backs and you'll be swooning and biting your lower lip, trying to keep it together. Condiments are mostly neither here nor there, but the 100's lime and cilantro remoulade is worthy of both mention and praise.

Limitless moist towelettes and bibs were on hand to ensure that guests could just dive in and enjoy. Families, couples, co-workers and groups of friends were out experiencing 100 Kingston's Crab Night. The weekly event can clearly please a variety of persons and tastes. Well, as long as they enjoy shellfish.

With a laid-back atmosphere that allows you to “continue the weekend vibe”, solid service, great food and $1,000 cue specials to boot, 100's Monday night all-you-can-eat crab night is cracking good.

— Vaughn Gray