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Elle & Vire signs Yendi Phillipps as Brand Ambassador!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Chas E Ramson Limited, distributors of Elle & Vire, has signed Yendi Phillipps as brand ambassador for Elle & Vire. Phillipps is a Jamaican TV host, model and beauty queen. She was the winner of the 2007 Miss Jamaica World and winner of the 2010 Miss Jamaica Universe and went on to be 1st runner up in the Miss Universe pageant.

Elle & Vire, a line of yogurts, butters and creams, has been distributed by Chas E Ramson Limited since 2005. Elle & Vire was formed in 1945 in Normandy, France, a region renowned worldwide for its rich pastures and quality of milk. Since 1945, Elle & Vire has been using its dairyman's know-how to develop high-quality dairy products for the pleasure of consumers in Jamaica and all over the world.

Kathryn Silvera, advertising and marketing manager for Chas E Ramson Limited, says, “We are so excited about this partnership with Yendi as we feel she is a great fit for the brand. We like to align ourselves with health and wellness and we feel that Yendi portrays those characteristics on a daily basis.” She added “Our association with Yendi will show her creating recipes utilising Elle & Vire products which will be featured on her social media pages as well as our own. These recipes will be very simple, but very delicious meals that will cover a wide range of dishes from entertaining your friends to quick and easy breakfast ideas.”

“I am so happy and grateful to be approached by Chas E Ramson Limited and Elle & Vire for this partnership as I feel that we will be promoting healthy and tasty recipes to the Jamaican public that are simple to make, using the Elle & Vire yogurts, butters and creams. For example, in one recipe we utilise the Elle & Vire plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise when creating a tuna salad recipe. This helps to cut out some of the fat and calories,” said Phillipps.

Fans of Phillipps and Elle & Vire can be on the lookout for these recipes and more starting October 2017, continuing into 2018, on her Facebook or Instagram accounts as well as Chas E Ramson Limited's and Elle & Vire's social media accounts. There are also talks of a few appearances in 2018 that fans will be made aware of at a later date.