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New Lunch Spots, Anyone?

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Depending on where you work, lunchtime can provoke a sigh of frustration, especially if you're in a food desert where there isn't much variation on the theme. Thursday Food shares two options (one brand-new) in Kingston that are welcome lunch spot additions, plus a dessert option..

Oli's Real Jamaican Food Stop
58 Half-Way-Tree Road

The sprawling call centre compound is partially open and Carrie 'Quizz' Sigurdson is there to feed the hungry folks on-site. There's the second outpost of Tea Tree Crêperie and her new venture, Oli's Real Jamaican Food Stop. Both Tea Tree and Oli's are set up as lunch windows. Sidle up, order, pay and wait for your order to be handed to you. Even though these are not dine-in establishments, patrons are able to eat on the airy verandah adjacent to Tea Tree.
Thursday Food loves a good boxed lunch and Oli's definitely delivered. On the day of our visit red peas soup, fried chicken, stewed beef, baked chicken, “barbee” fried chicken and curried chicken were on offer. At 12:45 pm the lunchtime queue was 14 people deep and by the end of our short visit, over 30 persons had been served. The food is delicious, affordable and plentiful.
If you're a fan of shelly rice and peas, Oli's is the place for you. The “barbee” fried chicken is slick with sauce and still manages to maintain a slight crunch. The pasta salad is creamy and well-seasoned. The steam vegetables, a combination of cabbage, carrots, green beans and bok choi, is al dente. They definitely don't skimp on sides at Oli's.
So, if you're passing 58 HWT, turn in, head to the back of the compound and grab a solid lunch at Oli's Real Jamaican Food Stop.

Press Print Shop & Café
Shop 21, Ardenne Emirates
7-9 Ardenne Road

Press Print Shop is the brainchild of Sheri-Ann Toppin, principal of Topp In Designz. The café section of the “innovative printing outlet” opened in May and offers a selection of smoothies, natural juices, coffee-based beverages, fresh-baked pastries, salads and sandwiches. There's even sushi, which is made fresh just hours before being delivered to the café.
Sandwiches are standard and come with a choice of toppings. At present there's a Summer Bites special that continues until August 25. For $1,200 (inclusive of taxes) you get a made-to-order Hamilton's Smokehouse Black Forest ham sandwich and the café's signature strawberry iced coffee. Fresh frozen strawberries are blended with espresso and milk to create a tasty drink that's surprisingly not very sweet. The café's menu veers towards healthy and their salads, also made-to-order, are well-composed and appeal to a variety of tastes.
The small space is well laid-out and comfortable. Just to the left of the front doors are a few tables where customers can have lunch or have a coffee while working from their laptops. Press Print Shop & Café is a good little spot to grab a light lunch in the Ardenne Road area.

Thursday Food enjoys keeping a roving eye around the Corporate Area to alert readers about new businesses. And, hot out the fryer comes Go Donuts!
Go Donuts is located inside Tastee Half-Way-Tree (yes, the one across from the clock) and offers freshly-fried mini cake-style doughnuts. Still in the soft opening phase, the company offers delivery (parking is tricky) and allows patrons to call ahead to order. Thursday Food placed an order for pick-up and before we properly left Beechwood Avenue our mini treats were ready.
Cake-style doughnuts are leavened with baking powder and are denser than the yeast-raised variety that many are accustomed to. Nonetheless, they are delicious. After coming out the fryer Go Donuts are topped with a choice of six flavours. Nutella banana, coconut dream, almond crunch, cookies & cream, rainbow blue and chocolate glazed. These doughnuts are great for an office afternoon pick-me-up, a hostess gift or birthday party.

Follow them on Instagram @go.donuts and stay tuned to Thursday Food for a full