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Creation Foods Limited Sweet Potato Pancake & Waffle Mix

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Principals: Neville and Naomi Morris


Telephone (s) #: 876-319-2655/876 633-6715

We created this product because... we recognised the need for gluten-free options and other healthy breakfast offerings.

Our major challenge is... sourcing sweet potatoes locally at a consistent price. The market is customer-driven and the demand tends to be dictated by the export of the item and whatever is the going price. We have to try and keep our purchasing price down in order to have an attractive price for our customers.

The products became available to the public in... August 2019.

The products are available at... major supermarket chains islandwide.

The response to the product has been... fair. Feedback has been promising. We have a lot more marketing and public education to do.

Our first breakthrough came... whilst experimenting at home with our Plantain Porridge Mix. We loved the results and fine-tuned the idea using sweet potatoes, plantains and blueberries. We decided to launch the sweet potato version first and we intend to launch the blueberry treat soon.

Jamaicans should support our product because... it is Jamaican-made! It is an innovative and enjoyable use of one of our favourite staple crops.