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Demonstrative Moves at the COURTYARD Marriott

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Perhaps in a bid to encourage more flair in domestic kitchens, but definitely to demonstrate the culinary prowess of the COURTYARD Marriott; Executive Chef Coatiest Gabbidon invited Thursday Food and an intimate circle of foodies to a cooking demo and three-course dinner christened 'At The Chef's Table – A Unique Dining Experience At The COURTYARD', on Friday, July 28 at the hotel's View Bar & Restaurant in New Kingston. Plucked from Gabbidon's team was his protégé and sous-chef David Wellington, who deftly broke down each course from his tropical ravioli to his slippery wickets and banana flambé dessert. Guests left the dining table with a stronger connection to what they consume and possibly desiring to discover and experiment more on their own. We now present a table that provided dining, yes, but also further culinary understanding.