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Fancy something different this Christmas? How about Kerry Coote's all-raw plant-based cake!

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

I made my first plant-based cake… six years ago after studying the science of plant-based food in Atlanta. It made me feel lighter and more energetic so I made up my mind there and then that I needed to share it with others.


I was led to make an all-raw, all-plant-based, gluten-free Christmas cake because… I love to serve and create food that looks good and is a healthier option.


The most challenging aspect of Christmas baking is… creating it. This cake is not baked so it takes a lot of time to perfect the recipe. The ingredients are a lot more expensive than those for traditional Christmas cakes.


What makes my Christmas cake special is... the fact that it is beautiful, but at the same time amazing in taste and, most important, the active enzymes and nutritional benefits you now get from eating a healthy slice of cake.

All my ingredients are potent superfoods.


My must-have baking ingredients are… nuts, fruits and seeds.


My cakes are available at… Living Food and Juices, Shop #2 Lane Plaza, 2-4 South Ave Kingston 10. They are sold by weight as whole cakes or slices.