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Fill A Gap!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A feature of visiting friends and family in Jamaica, especially if unplanned, would likely see guests getting some food to 'ketch up yuh stomuk' or a 'likkle taste mouth' which is really a small serving of food to tide you over until your next meal. That thought has translated into 'Fill a Gap,' a feature at Patty Plus located in Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay.

The concept became a feature of the eatery after owners John Byles, his wife Anna-Kaye Russell and her brother Jason Russell took over operations of the Tastee Patty outlet. Jason charged the new general manager Karlene Walters to come up with a meal that would not exceed $100 and would appeal to the palates of children and adults alike of the highly trafficked area. Fill a Gap was created as an affordable option that would be served between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner, but customers had other ideas as the demand skyrocketed now making it a staple on the menu and, as one customer boldly stated, “How you know when my gap open?”

Fill a Gap items include 'Curry Chicken Back', 'Curry Chicken Neck and 'Brown Stew Chicken' served with rice, but banana dumplings have now been added based on requests from customers wanting an option other than rice.

“It has gotten so popular that when I walk on the streets I am greeted with expressions of gratitude. We launched our dumplings this week, with curried chicken breast, corned beef, callaloo and we will be adding salt fish to our breakfast menu to complement our banana dumplings,” Walters explained.

“We wanted an affordable option that had the taste of home-style comfort food so we sat down with the staff and brainstormed. From this session the Fill a Gap name was birthed. Indeed, it came from team member Michael Walker,” Walters added.

Fill a Gap is served from 11:30 am and has to be replenished throughout the day due to the heavy demand for affordability and, of course, taste — the food is well-seasoned and is high on the list of reasons for the spike in demand.

— Aceion Cunningham