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Flavour-Filled Dumplings Dumplings

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Have you checked out the Dumpling Shack?” was the emphatic appeal of Table Talk Food Awards judge Nevada Powe. “It's worth jumping off the highway to taste their empanada-inspired salt fish dumplings for breakfast,” he continued. Thursday Food would soon discover in between delicious mouthfuls of dumplings that he was spot on!

First things first, the Dumpling Shack is located at the intersection of Boulevard and Main Street by the Moneague taxi stand, across from St Anthony's Roman Catholic Church.

It is owned and operated by cousins Clive and Mark Perkins, who as children would fry dumplings “with sugar and water late at night”. This childhood memory triggered the idea “of providing a 'full belly' item that is cheap, easy and inexpensive”.

It's early days yet. Dumpling Shack opened its doors last month (July) but based on customer satisfaction — they are selling on average 200 dumplings each day with the cheese- and saltfish-filled dumplings the best sellers — it's a sound business initiative. The cousins are expecting higher turnovers come September when school reopens. Indeed, with a price tag of $50 for cheese, corned beef- or saltfish-filled dumplings and $30 for sugar dumplings their expectations are realistic.

Other hearty treats include hominy corn and plantain porridge, beef and chicken soup, and stewed chicken.

Menu options will expand as will the size of the shack. Until then, add the Dumpling Shack to your list of establishments to support.