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Pass the Dutchie

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a beach on the island's north coast tucking into tasty local fare from a Dutchie. Welcome to Seaside Dutchie at Cole's Island, where meals are served in a Dutch pot.

You'd be forgiven for wanting to pinch yourself as Executive Chef Andrew Cole steps out of the kitchen. Cole is the identical twin brother of the celebrated Mark Cole, executive chef of the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. He, along with his wife Tayhdeen, manager Everett Lewison, executive chef Tameka Robinson and chefs Gary Wynter and Ramone Tulloch, ensures patrons, both local and visiting, enjoy sumptuous meals presented from mini dutchies. “It's a pretty novel, rustic presentation. Most have never eaten out of one so they get to practise their dutchie etiquette,” quipped restaurant and bar manager Everett Lewison. It's no idle boast. Indeed 'Dutchie Etiquette' has become veritable table talk for many who find it quaint and innovative.

“When you are here, you are in a different world. Alterry Beach is secluded so people can get away from it all,” Lewison continued.

There's seating for 44, with a deck area that accommodates 16 and the bar, a comfy 18.

“Our food is also unique; you've never had anything like it. Take, for example, our fish. When someone orders brown stew, they don't get the whole fish flat on their plate. We debone it, batter and fry the bone, do the fillet to order and finally garnish it with the bone.”

Indeed the St Ann Aquarium, as it is known, already has a cult-like following.


Here are the steps:

The process begins with a filleted catch of the day.

They fillet the whole snapper leaving head bones and tail intact. The fillet portions are cooked to the customer's specification

The carcass is then seasoned, floured and fried and served with sides of your choice.

Be warned: comfort fare coupled with soft crashing waves atop a 16-seat deck suite overlooking the beach can induce coma!

Seaside Dutchie at Cole's Island
Alterry Beach
Priory, St Ann (two minutes from the St Ann's Bay hospital roundabout heading towards Priory. Make a right turn into Fantasy Beach and continue straight on the property towards the white building.)