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Summer Bar Call: The Patio @ The Market Place

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Our Summer Bar Call journey continues this week with a stop at The Patio located inside the Market Place, Kingston. The Patio could be classified as a 'bar hub' or 'island bar' as it is nestled in the middle of all the restaurants located at the Market Place. Its centralised location is considered ideal for those who are not necessarily dining or patrons desirous of an al fresco dining experience. By the way, did you know once you are dining outdoors you are able to order from any restaurant located in the Market Place? The Patio is operated by the owners of the Fromage Group, Kirk and Lisa Chin.

The bartenders on duty were Jhaniel Green and Jennoy Waugh, who worked well together and displayed great synergy, almost as if they were a tag team. Each bartender prepared two cocktails each.