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Wine With A Purpose

Bar None

with Debbiann Spence-Minott

Thursday, February 21, 2019

What a wonderful way to start the month of love by giving back to others in need! This is the mantra of dental surgeon Dr Michelle Charles, who through her Posh Merlot Signature Wine-inclusive events gives back to those in need. The #party4apurpose event has donated profits to the Sickle Cell Foundation and the Lupus Foundation. This year's staging [held Saturday, February 2] will benefit the Lighthouse Charities, assisting needy families who have lost their homes and possessions due to fire.

The evening's wine menu included a few familiar pours like Woodbridge, Yellow Tail and Cook's Sparkling Wine. Plus, a reintroduction to the Jamaican marketplace of the Wine-In-A-Box concept in the form of the Franzia brand. The first introduction by the Delicato brand took place a decade ago. Perhaps Jamaican wine consumers will be more receptive this time around.

As an aside the first Franzia vineyard was planted in California by Teresa Franzia in 1906. The family survived the Prohibition (1919-1933) by selling grapes to home wine growers in eastern USA. After the Prohibition ended, Franzia's children rebuilt the winery, brick by brick and barrel by barrel. After World War II, the new advertising slogan “Make Friends with Franzia” introduced a new generation to wine. The “fresh to the last glass” Franzia Wine Tap packaging made its debut in the late '70s.

Several wines were featured from the Franzia brand and included Chardonnay and Moscato. The BarNone team found the Chardonnay to be quite a pleasant, crisp white wine with a clean finish, semi-dry and medium-bodied. The chardonnay complements chicken, simple pastas and seafood. BarNone is pleased to share the wine highlights:


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Debbian Spence-Minott

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