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Nail it!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Who likes waiting for nail polish to dry? Certainly not your Under the Dryer team! Coloured acrylic and gel polish reduce the time taken for fresh nail sets to dry — almost by half! Mikaelia Williams definitely doesn't like the wait, ensuring that her clients are ready to function as their sets are finished — having full use of their hands immediately. Williams, the owner of Nail It JA, loves the fact that gel polish and acrylic sets are very long lasting — up to four weeks — and eliminate the worry of colour fading and chipping for her clients! UTD took a trip to Nail It to find out more.

Williams has been in the nail business for almost three years, starting at the age of 19.

“My passion for nail art started at an early age. In my high school days, I was known for always getting my nails done after school. As a child, I was always interested in visual arts, specifically drawing and painting... Upon leaving high school, my passion for art faded as I was no longer required to do it in school. But I yearned for art, and thought about my daily activities that reflected my artistic side. While reflecting, I developed an interest in nail artistry and began to practise and teach myself the skill. Eventually, I saw where my skills were great, so I decided to take a more serious approach to my hobby.”

Armed with a certificate in Nail Technology from The Face Place, she started her business with house calls before eventually securing her own salon. Her first clients were friends and family.


“The most in-demand look for nails is a simple, sophisticated, coffin shaped set, in nude or white, “ she told UTD. Her preferred gel polish brand? Kiara Sky!


Recently, Williams worked with PRISCAVera at New York Fashion Week, providing nail services to the models for their collection. She has dreams of working with dancehall artiste Spice and rapper Cardi B.


She can be contacted via e-mail at for all bookings and enquiries.


Caring for Artificial Nails

Oil your cuticles at least three times a week. Cuticle oil, olive oil or coconut oil can be used.


Always wear gloves while doing work, to prevent excessive amounts of water from seeping between the artificial nail and the nail plate. This reduces the chances of getting nail fungus or “greenies”.


Always see a nail technician after thumping your artificial nail to check for damage.


Never tear or bite off the artificial nail — have them properly removed by soaking in acetone.


Do not fear greenies! They can be cured by soaking the nail in peroxide after removing the artificial nail, or even buffed off with a nail file.


To keep your nail polish fresher for longer, apply a layer of topcoat at the first sign of peeling.


Never overwear your artificial nails! Artificial nails are to be re-filled every two weeks.


Caring for Natural Nails

Wash your hands often.


Nail polish should be changed every two to three weeks.


Wear nail hardener as your base coat. Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails and Essie's Millionails are recommended.


Avoid using nail polishes that contain Toulene. Toulene is known to cause brain damage and respiratory problems.


A healthy diet makes for healthy nails.


Oil your nails and cuticles!


Never peel off or buff off nail polish. Always use non-acetone nail polish remover.