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Fresh Cuts @ ShearHolders

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Your Under The Dryer (UTD) team hit the streets a week ago. The destination was ShearHolders barbershop, located at 11 Ardenne Road, which has been in operation for five years. Principal and lead barber Tevani Smith has been in the business for eight years and was inspired by his uncle who, too, was a barber and whose chair he often sat in as a child. “As a teen,” Smith shared, “I bought a razor blade to outline my hair, much to the distress of my mum. I was at school however, the go-to barber.”

Smith got certification through the Children First “Bashy Bus” initiative and later acquired his barbering licence. His advice to up-and-coming barbers is to be professional. “It's not just a haircut”, but a very detailed process that involves long hours on the feet, precision in delivery, excellent customer service and a willingness to exceed customers' expectations.

ShearHolders Barbershop services include trim, line-up, shave, trim and shave, line-up and shave, eyebrow shaving, hair designs, hair bump removal and hot-towel service.


ShearHolders Barber (@tevi_dybarber)

11 Ardenne Road, Kingston