Jamaica Observer Black Friday / Cyber Monday
November 27 & 30, 2020
Store Directory
We have put together a list at your fingertips of all the merchants for Black Friday 2020.
Cyber Monday Store Directory
This list consists of stores that can only be accessed online.
Photos & Videos
Take a look at the sights and sound of yet another successful launch of
Jamaica Observer's Black Friday
News Articles
On Your Masks, Get Set, SHOP! Part 4

Earlier in July, the Harvard Business Review ( HBR) opined that the “pandemic is rewriting the rules of retail”. On the list of prescribed actions that retailers can take to secure longevity,... Read more

On Your Masks, Get Set, Shop! Part III

The final two days of TSO 2020 highlighted shoppers doing their part to stimulate the economy. Read more

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As we turn the spotlight on all the businesses in Jamaica, we can only expect more hot bargains from the most anticipated evening of non-stop shopping. Keep an eye out for us in your region and get your business listed now with Jamaica Observer.


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