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Galaxy Watch4 Classic going the distance

Digital Life writer

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

SAMSUNG did a great job building anticipation leading up to the launch of their Galaxy series this summer. It has been a few weeks since and the Galaxy Watch4 Classic has been on the market long enough for Samsung and watch lovers alike to know what this product is all about. Unlike the Watch4, the Watch4 Classic is back with a rotating bezel, pulling off a futuristic feel with the rest of the design. Samsung left nothing to chance, ensuring that users will have a design they appreciate as well as providing two different sizes to make sure that it fits.

With a new, bioactive, 3-in-1 sensor the Classic uses a single chip to precisely run three powerful health sensors — optical heart rate, electrical heart and bioelectrical impedance analysis — to monitor blood pressure, check heart rate, measure blood oxygen level and calculate body composition, among other things. You would certainly feel like a spy from a James Bond movie with this powerful and performance-driven device on your wrist. With its connection to the user's phone, the ability to complete tasks like checking emails, answering text messages, making phone calls and controlling the phone camera will be almost second nature. And with 16GB of internal storage at your fingertips and bluetooth connectivity enabling the usage of earbuds, the possibilities are limitless.

In the beginning, my main focus was not on the watch but rather the Galaxy Z Fold3, the hot commodity. However, after making the Watch4 Classic a part of my lifestyle, it quickly became the centre of attention. Surprising features like body composition measurement, stress tracker and water intake tracker had me wondering what kind of sorcery Samsung had bestowed upon me. Not being a digital watch person I was very impressed with the thought put into the development of a device that can make things a little easier in the busy lives we all lead on a daily basis.

Features such as the flashlight, bedtime mode and movie mode could be classified as the baseline elements of a digital watch. However, useful attributes like water lock — which helps to prevent water damage — and the activity monitor that tracks how mobile you have been throughout the day, are aspects that are added bonuses and which really make an impact.

While there are many conveniences that come with the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, the security feature (which uses passcode, pattern or biometrics) was constantly activated while the watch was in use — a glitch that forced me to deactivate my lock. Not a good thing for a device that possesses so much personal data.

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