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Don Scrue is on a roll

Observer writer

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

WHILE dancehall artiste Don Scrue is making waves in sections of Africa with his latest track Laawd God , he hopes to gain more traction in other parts of the world.

“Through promotion we will gain some new fans. The song has really taken off in Ghana and Nigeria because we realised we have a following over there. So, in promoting this song we checked out certain analytics and made those countries our targets,” the deejay, whose given name is Michael Golding, told the Jamaica Observer.

“The response has been great overall. I do believe that it will do what we expect it to do as far as levelling up,” he opined.

Produced by Gravity Entertainment, the track was officially released on April 2.

Don Scrue also shared the idea behind the track.

“The song was inspired by the competitiveness in dancehall or music as a whole,” he said.

The single was one of three recent releases by the artiste, with the other two titles being Sudden Death and Circle Of Life. Released within a day of each other, all three singles have charted on iTunes.

The Edwin Allen High School past student is currently based in New York, however, he says he has the right formula to reach fans internationally.

“What makes me different are my strategies and approach to marketing and [the] business side of the music, which a lot of artistes fail to grasp,” Don Scrue explained.

His past singles include Youths Dem, Hot Up Di Place, Endurance and We Gone Now.